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What I Did When I Got Laid-off As A Professional One Day

It’s seems to be a sudden era of lay-offs across several countries, especially in the Western spheres.

I know what that feels like!

I was once laid off way back in the late ’80s. It’s horrific when you don’t even have a hint of the ‘tsunami’ about to hit you.

Here’s what I felt:

1. ‘You’re FIRED!’ The words ran through me as easily as a stiletto through butter.

2. I walked back dazed into my cabin while everything kept exploding around me.

3. I looked at the picture of my wife and children smiling at me from one corner of my desk and felt the earth shake under my feet. Roof over our heads! Food on the table!! Clothes in the wardrobe!!! Education…fees!!! Whoa!!!!

4.I sat down. Numb…Frozen…ZOMBIE…

What I did:

1. Allowed it all to sink in completely for a few hours alone in my cabin…absolutely alone in the office.

2. Stood up and looked at my reflection in the windowpane. Saw a man: honest, controlled, true to heart and deeply experienced – A SLEDGEHAMMER!

3. Told myself, this end may just be a new beginning for bigger things to come.

4. Ran through my entire contact list and network of friends and associates. Picked up the phone. Spoke to as many as I could. Spoke the truth about what had happened. Never spoke against my organisation. Just said it as it was…

5. Went home and brought my wife up to speed. She didn’t seem shaken. She had more faith in me than I had, I guess!

6. The two of us tweaked our monthly expense budgets around, cut down a few numbers here and there, and all seemed good to go for a while.

7. Walked the streets for over a month like a Gladiator! Met every Placement Agency worth their weight in salt (no internet…no virtual existence back in the day then). Refused to take a NO from any of them.

8. Got my first Interview lined up in 6 weeks. I just had to ACE it!!

9. Stormed through the interview. Descriptively explained to them how I could value-add their Toplines. CHALLENGED them to invest in me. GOT THE JOB!!!

10. Went back home. Placed a record on the turn-table. ABBA. Jived through the song with my wife in my arms. THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL!!!!!!!

Don’t let a ‘pink-slip’ turn darker. YOU HAVE IMMENSE GREATNESS IN YOU!! It’s just that you don’t know it.

Here’s the thing: It’s only when you fall into the deepest end of a pit, will you realise how much STRENGTH you actually have WITHIN to surface out again!

AND IF I COULD…SO CAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out some of my vlogs whenever you ‘wanna’ slay them all 👊



What Not To Do When You Get Laid-Off!

Getting ‘laid off’ is really no big deal. It’s been happening for decades. And don’t tell me you’ve never heard of it! Of course, you have. But now you get to see it most of the time flashing over your screens – laptops, smart phones, TV or whatever. Facebook Meta, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, BYJU’S – what a party!!

So, you’re one of those millions who’ve got laid-off. Brilliant! So quit the sniveling and get real. Here’s a few sledgehammering tips on what you shouldn’t be doing when you get laid-off:

  1. Don’t go knocking your head randomly against the four walls of your room. Face it. You’re fired. You’re sacked. You’re rendered jobless. Period! The faster you accept this reality the quicker you’ll be able to bounce into action. And that’s what you need to do right now – GET INTO ACTION!!
  2. Don’t even remotely assume being laid-off is a reflection of your capabilities or more morbidly – your incapabilities. What’s a salary for you is an investment for someone else. And Nerds do exist who initially go ‘whoopee’ when making investments and then go groveling when they’ve overdone the ‘whoopeeing’ and start ploughing them all back. Too bad you were the whip end of the plough back. But that isn’t a reflection of your awesomeness as a professional!
  3. Don’t keep staring at your personal finances. It’s going to take a beating. And the longer you spend time just staring at it, the faster it will deplete. Keep your mind off it. Till things settle back in place, get used to the fact you’re going to have to skip a few meals for a while. In any case – fasting is the new hype to get fit!
  4. Don’t randomly run around placement agencies as if your life depends on it. While it may look practical to you, they are overloaded with laid-off resumes and you’re just another laid-off bloke. Instead, investigate that fancy handset of yours. Click into your contacts and make a list of all those people you could reach out to, especially those you’ve done a few good favors for. It’s payback time, Folks! And it just may surprise you how many people in your contact list will actually get cracking to get you back on track.
  5. Don’t fib if you’re laid-off. You’re not the first on planet Earth. Be transparent about it. The guy on the other side of the table knows why you’re sitting for an interview. He also knows that one size doesn’t fit all. And guess what?! He may have also been laid-off in his life. It’s just that you don’t know it. Be bold. Tell him as it is. Transparency and authenticity are degrees that you don’t earn mugging through the night. It’s a natural within!
  6. And finally, don’t exclusively rely on your knowledge and experience of the industry you exist in. Here’s a great opportunity to do a few ‘minusings’ and ‘plusings’ to fit into an ever-changing ecosystem. We don’t realize this till we are thrown back into it from the safe confines of a seldomly changing one within the organization. You’re back in the battlefield. Check whether the armory you’re wearing will jettison you to a higher level of performance. If not, replenish it. That’s the need of the hour right now.

Whatever may be going through your mind, just keep your shirt on and chin up. Being laid-off doesn’t define your prowess as a professional. You have all it takes to be successful. You always knew it. Here’s a great opportunity to set your bandwagon into a different direction. And don’t worry about faltering. You’re human. Yes sure, you’re going to find ways that aren’t going to make things work. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be finding ways that will. Just believe in yourself.

More importantly, replace Hope with Faith. Hope makes you walk through fire hoping you don’t get burnt. Faith makes you fly over it!!!

6 Nuggets Of Wisdom I Discovered Between Me, Amma And Her Rasams

She was considered a dynamite of sorts within the family and beyond. A spoonful of mustard seeds in hot oil. Short tempered and tyrannical at times. Not approachable to most. Often shouted at. And criticised at the drop of a hat. And it never was anyone’s fault. She just had a very intimidating demeanour.

She was my Mother-in-Law. I called her ‘Amma’. And our relationship ethereally evolved around generous magical potions of rasams!

I was deeply fond of her. While I must admit, I was a tad overwhelmed with her initially. I was only 27 years old when I married her daughter. But as time wove our relationship into threads of blissful expressions and experiences, I began to discover one of the most amazing human beings on earth.

I don’t recall a single day when we ever drew swords at each other. Common practice though, with most others around her. We in fact shared a dynamic solace in each other’s company. In me she found a pampering and adoring confidante. In her I found a woman who justifiably, prided herself of being enlightened in a kaleidoscope of talents ranging from green fingered gardening to culinary expertise. It was the latter that bonded us constantly. And I’ll come to that in a while.

But what really made our relationship so deeply entwined? It was the manner in which we spent time together. The things we did for each other, unabashedly and inclusively. Like, she loved it when I massaged her scalp with coconut oil and then made two neat, oily platinum plaits for her to admire. Like when I would lift her in my arms and swing her around when no one was looking while she softly and embarrassingly giggled like a teenager. Like when I would quietly and attentively listen to all her complaints without arguing over it. Like when she would walk me around her garden making me memorise the names of every plant and flower as if I had discovered them for the first time. And I would feign I had. And like when I would buy her all those dry, spicy street snacks she loved and pretend I loved them as much as she did!

Now what made me connect with her? Her vulnerability which no one really saw. The rare ‘Mona Lisa smile’ that flashed fleetingly and mostly when she was with me. A heart so warm and loving when not intimidated. An amazing sense of loyalty and commitment when respected. And an empowering flow of knowledge and wisdom when not criticised.

And of course, her deliciously irresistible range of Rasams that she knew she had me hooked on to. Oh, what a range that was! I bet you would have never heard of most of them. Potato rasam, spinach rasam, tomato rasam, lime rasam, mixed vegetable rasam, chilly rasam and even capsicum rasam. Ah YES, the cauliflower one too!! Each precisely cooked to match the experimental mood of the day.

She was the 5′ nothing tall MasterChef and I her 6′ everything tall guinea pig who hovered around her, hungrily most of the time. She would be churning up all these wonders in the kitchen while I would be standing behind readily supplying all the ingredients with a promptness of a starving man knowing his empty belly would soon be filled far above the brim.

And as our relationship evolved on a continuous, there were 6 nuggets of wisdom I discovered. The 6th only when she was no more:

#Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

Love has several dimensions. Each a miracle in itself. Each dimension can manifest the best in people. Each can bring out the excellence of the very Being within. Love can be so deeply bonding that it can tear through inhibitions and tie two people into a tight knot of faith and trust.

#Respect Is Natural And Not Earned

Respect stems from deep within. It is not ‘earned’ as constantly ingrained into us from childhood. Respect is not a give and take convenience. It’s a natural force that builds up relationships enthused with trust and confidence. When you respect Life and everything that evolves in it you will experience an existence from a higher level of consciousness. Amma and I shared a mutual respect for each other. She respected me for the respect I showered on her. I respected her for teaching me how not to see with just my eyes but with my Soul.

#To Be Grateful Is To Be Humble

When you harbour a deep sense of Gratitude within, you will view each of the elements of Life humbly, modestly, respectfully, and in its truest sense. Your entire existence depends entirely on several elements that surround you. A simple example is the respect and love that Amma had for all her plants. She would often bow to all her plants in her garden with gratitude whenever we visited it, because she knew that our lungs depended on them. For her, Gratitude was a natural flow of emotion that needed to be released towards every element that made us whole.

#Being Simple Is To Lead An Uncomplicated Life

We are at times so engrossed with handling challenges, as we meander through life, that we lose out on moments of pure simplicity. And that’s what makes our lives extremely complicated. A simple act of standing dedicatedly in a kitchen and conjuring up a rasam concoction, whenever we were together, led to a simple relationship filled with love and appreciation for each other. We did things – simple things, uncomplicated things – for each other that kept us bonded for a lifetime, quite simply!

#Don’t Let The Child In You Die

Amma and I did things without batting an eyelid when no one was around. Hugging, playing, harmlessly gossiping, tending to her plants, discovering the beauty of the colours of her flowers and her heart, and of course cooking rasam together! And through out, Amma would be less mother and more child. Expressing herself without fear of criticism. Speaking her thoughts out innocently, trustingly. And the child that I experienced in her connected with the child within me constantly. Through this I learned that the only way to live life joyously was to never let that child in me die.

#Love, Laugh and Live

This was my final learning when Amma eventually left to be at the Lotus Feet of our Lord. When she died, an era ceased to exist forever. An era filled with love, laughter and living a life filled with simplicity, honesty, respect, modesty and most of all a deep appreciation for what we meant to each other. That’s all it takes to cruise through this amazingly inspiring journey called LIFE!

So love, laugh and live as long as the heart beats. Because when it stops, an era will end and nothing but memories will remain. Not even sadly, the rasams…

A Little Miracle Named Lola…Or Was She The One?

My daughter Avantika adopted an Indie from an animal rescue shelter a couple of years ago. She was just a few months old then and friskier than frisky could get! My daughter christened her Lola.

A few fun-filled months down the line and she discovered that Lola had contracted the dreaded Distemper virus. That was quite a blow to all of us, especially my daughter. Lola was her very Soul!

What ensued then were endless visits to hospitals, clinics and vets with just that one hope, just that one assurance, that Lola could be medicated to survive the virus. Eventually, we had to accept the fact that there was only a remote 5% chance of survival and would have to now consider euthanasia.

It really was left to my daughter to decide. So I took the bold step in asking her what was on her mind. She looked at Lola for a while and then looked directly at me.

“Dad, I’m going to bank on that 5% chance of her surviving the virus. She and I are just going to fight it till the end! ”

6 months later and after endless gruelling moments of frustration, exhaustion, depressions bordering giving up almost entirely (that was only me, though), tender care and prayers, especially when Lola had come close to existing like a zombie, the little one started pulling through it all. Slowly, gradually, but sure footedly till one fine day, she managed to lift herself off the straw mat she had been lying on for all those months and walk feebly into my daughter’s lap.

Today she runs like a stallion, barks like a full-grown healthy Indie and loves like no other, wagging her tail in delight every time my daughter walks in through the door. So who was the actual Miracle?

And this is what I learned from it all:

  1. Faith is better than Hope. Hope makes you walk through fire. Faith makes you fly over it.
  2. If there is even just a 5% chance of success, bank on it. It’s not important whether a glass is half empty or full. If you’re passionately convinced you can win then you need just a twig to survive turbulent waters.
  3. Love is the biggest trigger that can give you courage to defy all forces against you.
  4. Once you’ve decided, stick to your guns till you’ve finally achieve what you set out to do. Period!
  5. Commitment has no alternatives. Either you’re in or out.
  6. And finally, the Winner always takes it all. Lola’s tail wag is now my daughter’s happy swag!!

Anger – A Triggered Distortion Of The Mind

Our Minds are an enigmatic dimension of our existence. The deeper the mystery the louder the din of research on it. And yet, it remains the sole controller of every emotion we experience as we wander through the only voyage we were born to traverse – a voyage called Life.

It was established over 5000 years ago by our learned Indian philosophers that the Mind does not exist within the portals of our brain. Instead, it is our entire consciousness connected to the five (and beyond) vital senses of our body: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Each of these or in combinations, trigger the state of our consciousness and therefore the Mind.

While majority of our emotions influence the state of our Mind and its moods, most reactions can be considered natural expressions from within. Love, happiness, mirth, bliss, sadness, stress, anxiety and more, form the several shades of whites and greys in our lives. These are not really disparaging and can consciously be used to either enliven our moment of existence or build up resistance and immunity towards challenges, depending on the levels of our self-awareness.

But there is one emotional dimension within the whirlpool of our consciousness which, if not understood thoroughly, can be so destructive it could lead to a complete distortion of the Mind. The one singular emotion called Anger.

Anger has two forms like the alternate faces of a coin. One form could indeed be highly progressive for the human if it is triggered from within the conscious. A form of an internal jihad with oneself, so to speak. A holy struggle, tinged with a subtle form of anger, to restrain oneself from either not being righteous enough or to atone for a misgiving that wasn’t to be.

The other form of anger could be highly devastating. It could either be a slurry of verbal insults to emotionally maim another or, even worse, convert into extreme violence possibly leading to extinguishing a life. With whichever perspective one may view this form of anger, it is undeniable that this expression can only be triggered from external forces and not from within. Much of the reasons that can be seen causing this intense triggering is born out of deeply frayed emotional moments connected with those who have a very close relationship with the individual or issues that are radically different and hence not acceptable and yet being forced upon.

Ether which way, Anger needs to be quelled. The Mind needs to be constantly calmed. The Externals need to be dealt with.  And there are several ways to do so. But the three important ones that have always worked for me are:

  1. Remaining entirely aware of the Present and living within the Now.

Often anger arises triggered from incidents experienced in the very near past or the distant ones. But is there anything you can do about it? What is the need to regret past incidences that can neither be obliterated or relived? Again, looking into the future and imagining threateningly obtuse ‘realities’ that don’t exist for the moment triggers stress and anxiety leading to frustration and eventually anger. Here again, a foolish trespass into the unknown since the only known is the Present.  

2. The Powerful combination of the Breath, Thought and Energy through Meditation:

To experience a deeply grounded and blissful state is to understand the powers of one’s Breath, Thought and the Energy Body through Meditative practices. Because this process appeals so metaphysical in nature, it ceases to harness any interest or appeal towards the most powerful system to manage Anger. However, it is strongly recommended that one delves deeply into this highly potent form of an ancient practice to evolve a healthy state of mental equilibrium.

3. Walking away from External Triggers:

There is no relationship no matter how deeply involving or, an issue so radically obtrusive that is worth being instigated by to any level or form of anger. One must be adept to always factually viewing and measuring every external trigger, human or otherwise, to ensure they contribute perpetually towards a progressively satisfying existence. If it doesn’t it is best to walk away from relationships or issues that instigate the bursting out of anger. None of them are really worth your time or energy. How else do you blissfully enjoy this voyage called Life?

Anger is an emotion that can’t be removed in totality. It’s part of our existence and will always remain embedded within us. It can only be kept in control. And the key to do so is to always be in the Present, get Meditatively analytical of the reasons for your anger building up whenever it does, and remain totally aware of the possible Triggers that could escalate it from the point of its harmless existence to a devastatingly damaging one.

If you keep these in mind, you could very possibly live a stress free and blissful life. The way it was meant to be.

9 Sledgehammering Mantras To Craft An Awe-Inspiring Team

As a young Executive, fresh cut and inexperienced, life in the corridors of the corporate world could be a labyrinth of uncertainties and insecurities. More so if the leadership itself has nothing much to offer and you are saddled with a Boss who could be as co-operative as a mushroom!

The fact of an Executive’s life, way back from where I began, was really a tug-o-war of sorts mostly with oneself, because the Boss always got away with, “If you don’t know the difference between your elbow and your ar$e, you might as well ship out!” How much he knew about it himself, was a much-touted question jokingly tossed around by executives lighting up a smoke behind office water-coolers.

But that was life those days. No internet, no Google, no YouTube, no real information to bank on and most Bosses warming their seats over several cups of coffee while executives lived a hit and trial existence till they got it right somehow.

This was never too good for one’s morale, especially if you were in Business Development. Everyone in sales including me, always believed that no one else suffered as much as they did – sales targets, client idiosyncrasies and bosses who kicked your butt every month end if your achievements were going Southwards.

And then one wonderful summer day we inherited an amazing Team Lead. An unassumingly soft-spoken persona whose opening line at every morning sales briefing was, “Shoot me the problem and let’s kick up a solution.”

This was music to our ears. Just one simple sentence can completely change the entire gambit of efficiency of the whole Team. For all of us, he was literally an empowering gift from above. Commitment, loyalty, integrity, hard work and most of all, a never before experience of bonhomie, became the order of the day till we eventually beat rival Teams across other regions and got proclaimed as the best performing Team ever! In short, for us, our Team Lead was the embodiment of the best education in practical motion!!

A few years later when I became a Team Lead myself, I decided to fulfill every promise I had made to myself throughout those very challenging years as an Executive. A promise to never be a replica of those dimwit Leaders but instead, be one that could garner the same or even better levels of commitment and efficiency that I had learnt from that one particularly amazing ‘Boss’.

As the years rolled on and my experiences matured me, I envisaged and adopted 9 sledgehammering ways to craft an awe-inspiring Team, majorly influenced by that one ‘Super- duper’ Boss:

#1. Don’t just be a Leader. Be a powerful Transformational Catalyst.

The entire eco-system progressively keeps changing as life meanders on. And as that happens, mindsets, heartsets, bodysets, energysets, every part of one’s existence needs to be re-engineered constantly. And that amply goes for your Team members too. Hence, be a powerful Transformational Catalyst. Each of them will respect you for being one.

#2. Don’t compromise on Integrity.

Dishonesty is a disease. No matter how efficient an Executive is, you need to draw a line when it comes to questionable integrities. In my entire career span of 4 decades, I have fired only 5 people exclusively on the grounds of ambiguous honesty. If it’s ignored, you will soon be responsible for creating a Pandora’s Box filled with filthy politics. And besides, everyone loves a Boss who stands by tough principles.

#3. Don’t talk Failure.

I’ve always believed that there is nothing called failure. Instead, we only discover ways that don’t make things work, now and then. But there are also several discoveries we unearth on the way that do make things work. So why term the former as failures?

#4. Change is Constant and so is Resistance to it.

Ah YES, Change is a Constant. Everyone knows that. But you need to accept another important fact: So is Resistance to it. And that’s Human! Always address the latter as you define the former. It will pave the path for quicker progress.

#5. Don’t keep telling the Team what to do.

How often have you come across a Team Lead who is constantly telling you what he or she feels you should be ideally doing? And isn’t that irritating? After all, you aren’t a retard. You have an intellect of your own! So does each of your Team members. Quit the lecturing. They aren’t living your life. Give them space and let them surprise you.

#6. Be quick to Praise.

Don’t wait forever. Praise is like a hug of acknowledgement before the sweat on the forehead dries. Everybody loves to be told how important they are. Especially when they pull off the impossible. So do you, don’t you?

#7. Let them play Truant at times.

Oh I love this one! Hell, I used to enjoy bunking in school. It had a thrill of its own. But did it ever affect my academic records? NEVER! So why would that affect my professional one?! Executives will be Executives. Let them play truant now and then. All work and no play will just make Jack a dull boy!

#8. Always lend a shoulder to rest a Tired Head

Each of your Executives are not only your Team members but also a son, daughter, sister, brother, wife, husband, mother, father and so on. Each role they play could either be blissfully rewarding or earth-shakingly stressful depending on challenges they encounter as life unfolds. And then there is always the burning need to bring the food to the table under a secure roof, day in and day out. These are down to earth realities. Let them rest their heads on your broad shoulders now and then or whenever they need it. Teams often look up to their Leaders as Mentors. After all, the longest span of their day is spent with you. Make it rock for them!

#9. Gratitude always pays rich Dividends

This one’s an absolute ‘TO-DO’! You’re nothing without them. If you could become a professional superhero with none of them around you, they wouldn’t need to exist in the organization at all. When I was a Team Lead, I made it a habit of carrying my paycheck over to my Team and personally thanking each one of them for working so hard towards helping me earn it. After all, my progress was my family’s progress, and they were the main contributors towards it. Weren’t they?

These 9 Sledgehammering ‘Mantras’, as I often referred to them as, used to be the main subject of my discussions with other Team Leaders as I paved my way up closer to the summit of my career. Many adopted it with their own doses of innovative thinking. And that felt good. Because if it could work for me, I didn’t see why it couldn’t work for them too!

Now, let’s see if you can make it work for you too…

I Love Procrastinating!


And so what’s wrong with that?! From a child I’ve loved procrastinating. It’s a natural with me. But right from then on I’ve been always yanked apart by first my parents, then my teachers and eventually my bosses!

And now on a journey to help people become better versions of themselves, I still procrastinate. And why do I still do it? Because most times then not, it ends up with amazing results!

So let’s burst the myth with some pros on procrastination:

1. If you procrastinate for too long on a particular assignment, clearly your Heart, Mind & Soul isn’t in it. Do something else. Something you may love doing.
2. Procrastinating gives you a chance to make a better decision with a nice big dose of deliberation.
3. Procrastinating helps you to move into a ‘state of flow’ while working. No high speed, zig-zag disruptions. Just a smooth unbound experience
4. Procrastination knocks the stress out with a time out. What do you think artists, writers, thinkers, strategists do? Procrastinate to get creative.
5. Procrastination is very motivating. The breaks and postponements will give you time enough to talk it over with experts or gather more resources. Either which way, it ends up with qualitative results.
6. Procrastinating will make you not only a positive human but also a highly confident one because you will always be in control of both the task and the timespan involved.

So next time, you get drilled for procrastinating…just forward this post across!!

And why the Eagle? The Eagle is a patient bird, always seemingly procrastinating. But when it strikes, the results are precisely what it had planned for…


A Father’s Traverse

Ah…those wonderful years of being a young executive and enjoying, quite unadulteratedly the joys of being a Father!

No major responsibility at that point of time as you’re so young, still a novice in the corporate world and life is affordable with whatever you can provide for the family with the meagre earnings brought in.

This is 1993 – 94 or thereabouts, I think…

And then life starts meandering over rocks and rapids. Food on the table. Education Fees. House rents. Wardrobe demands. And suddenly that loving Dad falls into a vortex of ‘progress demand’…if you know what I mean!

Then begins a traverse. A journey filled with responsibilities and more importantly, an existence divorced of any feelings other then to survive those who depend on you.

Ultimately, reality kicks in: YOUR PROGRESS IS YOUR FAMILY’S PROGRESS! And that becomes the mantra of life…

Step ahead into the future…4 decades or so. You’ve done a good job but not really! Everyone survived…but you. Mother’s Day is an amazing celebration! Father’s day…ah well…but you never were around in any case!!

But that’s okay. Because the biggest satisfaction for any Dad is his silent celebration when his child walks up to get awarded on Graduation Day. When they step into their first job and do a jig of joy. When they find their life partners and walk up the aisle hand in hand with him even though its customary for them to do it. For him…its a lifetime achievement!

And then eventually, when the grey hairs are few in number on a shining bald head to hold his grandchildren in his arms and whisper softly into their ears…I’ve always loved your Mum. Always missed her so deeply as I walked the harsh sands of time just so she could be whoever she ever wanted to be.

And the gurgles in reply transport one back in time. That’s how you both gurgled as nonchalantly like this till that soon became just an echo in time for me.

I just wish that one day they look back contemplatively and connect with a reality of an existence that a Father silently bears through his ravages of time…

Empowering Powers Within Gifted By The Universe

As we inhaled our very first breath the Universe gifted us with a set of Powers, deeply embedding them within our Inner Being, to keep us empowered as we meandered through life on our journey towards achieving our Ultimate Possibility.

But as life moved on, for a zillion reasons, most of us got entangled with the hurly-burleys of the external forces around us and we soon began to lose our connect with these empowering Powers.

However, it’s never too late! As amazing Gladiators, each one of you need to reconnect once again with your Powers Within in order to become exemplary CEOs and Entrepreneurs.

I’ve crafted this video very specially for you. Sit back and enjoy the journey…

Meditation – The Path To Your Inner Being

The path to reach your Inner Being is very exclusively through constant Meditation.

There is no other.

The journey is highly exploratory and in order to eventually reach your Inner Being and to be able to then think from a higher level of consciousness, one needs to first master being Meditative.

This actually is a very simple process.

All it really needs is commitment, patience and determination. After all, to explore your Ultimate Possibility as a human being, you will have to traverse only inwards…